Investing in Houston’s Real Estate Market

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Are you looking to invest in Houston’s vast Real Estate Market? With the advent of Hurricane Harvey and a Multifamily bust caused by the oil slump of 2014, Houston is ripe for new, educated capital to make some moves. There are two options, Residential & Commercial, that we will discuss today.

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate is a great option for someone looking to start investing with smaller amounts of capital.  A residential investor can buy foreclosed properties, take over payments, wholesale, fix & flip and so many other options and make a great living from this. The investor can work part-time as a second job while they learn the ropes of balancing a real estate career and their personal life.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate is very vast so the options can be quite overwhelming. While I’d love to give recommendations to what would be great for you, there’s nobody on the internet that can tell you what to invest in without knowing about you, your resources, and your goals.  The common misconception about investing in this space is that you can only serve people by investing in Multifamily. However, the other asset types are often used in trusts for investing or for international investors seeking citizenship. If you need a quick reminder on what the asset types are then check out my post.

Whether it’s Commercial or Residential Real Estate, speak with a licensed Real Estate Professional to ensure that you have proper guidance. Give me a call at 713-597-2006 if you are ready to invest in Houston’s Real Estate Market.

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